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Chronic Illness and Pain

Stemming from my personal experience of living with a chronic Illness, I have an interest in supporting people who live with pain, fatigue and reduced capacity due to chronic illness or reduced functioning due to injury or ageing.


Living with conditions such as chronic fatigue , fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few ; may undermine self-esteem, reduce your sense of purpose, impact negatively on relationships, leave you mourning your loss of physicality and capacity to work.  Your mental health and sense of well being may be undermined as you come to terms with the physical changes and living with pain. The impacts are numerous and erosive of quality of life  to a degree where counselling support may be helpful in adapting to limitations and pain, whilst simultaneously focussing on future possibilities and potential both for you and those who offer you support and care.

Kathy Stephenson
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