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Social and Community Worker Supervision

Throughout her professional career Kathy has delivered both operational and clinical supervision to employees and placement students. At Tulip Tree Therapy you can access clinical supervision for professional development, for self-care and support in response to critical incidents. 


Supervision will be designed to cater for the specific requirements of the recipient will incorporate practice, ethical and theoretical considerations and will be reflective and developmental in purpose.


Supervision offers opportunities for professional reflection, expansion, growth and exploration of  therapeutic strategies. The process also offers a space to work through the impacts of workplace issues such as bullying, harassment, work overload and job insecurity that inevitably undermine health & well being.

Kathy's experience includes working in Migrant & Refugee Support, Sexual Health, Alcohol & Drug Services, Child Protection Services, Homelessness Support, Family Services and Family Violence counselling - all areas of knowledge and experience that can contribute to the supervision process.

Kathy Stephenson
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