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Alcohol & Drug Counselling

Alcohol & Drug Counselling is for people who are concerned about their own drinking or drug use or about the drinking or drug taking of someone else (e.g. a partner, parent, close friend or relative). Counselling will help you to talk about the issues you are currently experiencing or have in the past ,and how they may be related to your substance use. You may be worried, depressed, confused or want to make changes to your drinking or drug use and your life.


Having worked as an Alcohol and Drug counsellor for the Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania, Kathy has knowledge of  effective approaches to supporting people who are using substances and want to reduce the  associated harms and disruption. Counselling will aim to  support you to reduce the physical, emotional and social harms brought about by substance use and support you to achieve the change that you wish to bring about in your life.


Counselling for A&D use is non-judgemental, does not adopt an abstinence position unless that is your own desired goal and is educative in that helps to identify the triggers, patterns and situations that may contribute to increased substance use and provides strategies for safer using. Greater knowledge of these factors provides a sense of  increased understanding and control to implement healthy change.

Kathy Stephenson
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